Truckers Favorite

Superior Early and Crop sort. Much larger than Early Adams and matures right after this variety. It makes fine stalks and ears and is valuable alike for very early field crop as well as for extremely late planting also for table use.

The finest large-fruited purple tomato. Most regular in form and size thick-meated and very solid this is one of the largest smooth tomatoes grown. Of a beautiful purplish-red color well ripened throughout the smooth fleshy fruits always bring the highest prices on our Philadelphia markets where their fine flavor is specially esteemed. The vines are of strong growth not subject to rust or blight and bear enormous crops until killed by frost. The fruits continue of large size to the very last and are unexcelled for slicing or cooking. It is a main crop variety maturing the same season as the Matchless and equally as productive. As a dependable main-crop pink or purple sort no variety in cultivation today is the equal of this Truckers Favorite. This strain cannot be too highly recommended. Pkt. 10c oz. 20c oz. 35c 2 oz. 60c lb. 1.00 lb. 3.50

(85 days). Southern Sweet corn. A good white garden corn though actually not a sweet corn. Grows anywhere. Ears large 7 to 9 in. long. 12 to 16 rows of kernels. Pkt. (3oz) 15c lb. 30C 1 lb. 50C 3 lbs. 1.25 postpaid.

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Improved Large Adams

A wonderful early table corn a cross between the Adams Early and another splendid variety. Average height of stalk about six feet. The ear is thick well grained to the end of the cob rows of grain straight and uniform. When cut green for market the ears average from 12 to 14 inches in length. It is only a few days later than the Adams Early in cutting and being a large ear commands the highest price in the market. It is very productive producing 2 and often 3 good ears to the stalk. Being hardy can be planted at same time as Adams Early as it will stand a great deal of cold and wet weather.

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Early Large Adams

One of the best second early varieties. A little later and larger than the above. Stalks grow about five feet high ears about 8 inches long with 12 to 14 rows.

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Blands Early Table

A flinty grain which enables it to be planted very early in cold ground. Height 4 to 4 feet producing ears within one foot of the ground maturing in 65 days. A valuable substitute as an early variety not a sugar corn but a sweet table corn of rare quality.

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