New Mammoth Salsify or Vegetable Oyster

Salsify is one of the most delicious and nutritious of vegetables and should be more generally cultivated for use in Winter when the supply of really good vegetables is limited. Very wholesome and nutritious. The roots are either boiled or mashed and made into delicious fritters. The New Mammoth is a truly American variety of the highest merit. It was originated by us and is the most popular variety grown. The long white tapering roots are of the most superior quality exceeding by far any variety now on the market. They grow uniformly to an extra large size averaging fully double the size and weight of roots of the old variety and notwithstanding their extra large size are always of fine quality and delicate in flavor resembling an oyster after cooked. Plant and care for it the same as parsnips. Nothing difficult or mysterious about it. Do not leave the roots in the ground too late in the Spring as they sprout and soon deteriorate but they may be left all Winter without damage. Pkt. 10C oz. 25C 2 oz. 40C lb. 75C lb. 1.40 lb. 2.50

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