The Forgotten Plant

A hibiscus and also a relative to the okra family. So valuable a plant in marking sparkling cranberry flavored bright red jelly beverages food flavors or pie material made from either the buds or leaves yet most home gardeners know nothing about it. Much easier to grow than tomatoes and is started in the same manner. The seed buds are the fruit and including the entire plant are a dark red color. Producing the seed buds requires a long season such as in southern states. They can be grown successfully in northern areas in which the leaves are used equally as fine as the buds. When set out in the garden a space of four to five feet square must be allowed. The extracted juice of the leaves and buds which is secured by cooking and straining is very low in sugar (1%) and high in a pleasant acid (3%) flavor. The generous supply of pectin acidity and cherry red color give a wonderful jelly product equal to red currants or cranberries. Pkt. (about 40 seeds) 25c oz. 1.25.

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