Black Eyed Marrowfat

qt. 20c bus. 3.50

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Mcleans Advancer

qt. 40c bus. 10.00

A dwarf green wrinkled marrow of fine flavor. Popular in the vicinity of Boston. Pkt. 25c lb. 45c 2 lb. 85c 8 lb. 3.00

Vines of strong growth about two and a half feet high. Very productive pods well filled with green wrinkled peas. Pkt. 10c pt. 20c pt. 30c by mail postpaid. qt. 35c 4 qt. 1.10 peck 2.00

A green wrinkled variety about 2 feet high with long pods which are abundantly produced and well fitted to the end. Nearly as early as the Extra Early Kent and of most excellent flavor. An English variety and highly recommended.

About a fortnight earlier than Champion of England equal to it in quality fully as productive while it grows but two-thirds as high everything considered the best of the second earlies for market purposes. Two and one half feet. Pkt. 10c oz. 60c lb. 30c lb. mail 6.00 lb. exp 1.75

An early green wrinkled variety of delicious flavor 2 ft. Per qt. 40c. pk. 2.25 bu. 8.00.

A superior early sort wrinkled. Very sweet. 2 ft Pkt. 10c. qt. 30c. pk. 1.50 bu. 5.50.

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McLeans Little Gem

qt. 50c bus. 14.00

One foot high bears heavily and of excellent quality. A favorite sort. Price-(10c per pkt.) (35c per lb.) prepaid. Not prepaid (20c per lb.) (19c per lb. In 10-lb. Lots) (18c per lb. In 100-lb. lots).

A very desirable early dwarf green wrinkled variety. When in a green state it is very large and of delicious flavor being full of rich saccharine matter. It is one of the earliest varieties grows about 1 foot high and is really a very valuable acquisition.

A wrinkled pea nearly as early as Tom Thumb quality first rate. Twelve inches. Pkt. 10c oz. 60c lb. 30c lb. mail 5.00 lb. exp 1.50

Dwarf early and prolific. Pkt 10c pt 30c qt 50c.

Very early the very best dwarf wrinkled pea grown large of a delicious flavor rich and sugary 1 foot Qt. 70c. pt. 40c. pkt. 10c.

An early dwarf Pea of delicious flavor excellent for family use. The vines are about 18 inches in height and produce an abundance of medium green plump blunt ended pods 2 & inches long with 6 to 7 Peas to the pod. This is an old tried and proven favorite. lb. 10c lb. 17c 1 lb. 30c postpaid. Not prepaid 5 lbs. 80c 10 lbs. 1.50 20 lbs. 2.80 100 lbs. 13.00.

A dwarf green wrinkled marrow very prolific of superior flavor and a first early 1ft. Per qt. 60c. pkt. 4.00 bu. 14.00.

1 ft. A wrinkled variety of similar habit to Earliest Dwarf and maturing a few days later or 50 to 55 days after planting. Pods 2 to 3 inches in length round and filled with peas of delicious flavor. In fact they have the same sugary flavor as the late wrinkled sorts and the additional merit of earliness. A pea that always gives entire satisfaction.

An excellent early wrinkled variety. A favorite . 1 ft. Pkt. 10c. qt. 30c. pk. 1.50 bu. 5.00.

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East Hartford Extra Early

qt. 50c bus. 10.00

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Early Danl ORourke

qt. 25c bus. 6.00

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Telegraph (L.I. Mammoth)

Very large pods and peas excellent. 4 feet high. qt. 30c pkt. 85c pkt. 1.50 bus. 5.50

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One of the very finest dwarf wrinkled sorts. Large straight pods fine quality very productive. 1 feet high. qt. 30c pkt. 85c pkt. 1.50 bus. 5.00

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Shropshire Hero

Very productive fine flavor long handsome pods. 2 feet high. qt. 30C pkt. 85c pkt. 1.50 bus. 5.00

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Dwarf wrinkled with large pods and peas. 1 feet high. qt. 35c pkt. 1.25 pkt. 2.00 bus. 7.00

A profuse bearer. Pods large peas wrinkled sweet and tender. Height 18 inches. Pkt. 25c lb. 60c 2 lb. 1.00 8 lb. 3.75.

The vines though growing only about eighteen inches in height are very stout and generally bear a good crop of large well-filled pods. The pods average five inches in length containing seven to nine large peas of a light-green color which are tender and sweet. Pkt. 10c pt. 20c pt. 30c by mail postpaid. qt. 35c 4 qt. 1.25 peck 2.25

A fine home and garden sort with vines growing 28 inches tall. The dark green pods are 5 to 6 inches long and contain from 7 to 9 peas. The flavor and quality are excellent. 14lb. 14c 12lb. 25c 1lb. 42c postpaid. Not prepaid 5lbs. 1.30 10lbs. 2.50 20lbs. 4.80 100lbs. 21.00

A medium sized round melon of unusual quality. It is not classed as a shipping melon still shipped and hauled to neighboring towns quite successfully. However it is above all a melon for home use and local markets. It is a smooth dark green melon very little net rich orange colored flesh and of the very finest quality. It fairly melts in your mouth and is good clear to the rind. In size they will average six or seven inches in diameter and weigh about three pounds. Per pkt 10c. oz 20c. lb 50c. lb 1.60 2lb 3.00 5lb 6.75.

(76 days). We dont think you will ever find a sweeter better all-around melon. We introduced this years ago and have been working on it ever since making a careful selection of seed each season. Its easy to grow and a prolific bearer. Medium in size round perfect in quality. Thick smooth deep orange flesh. Always makes customers come back for more year after year. Be sure to try it this year. We know you will like it. Pkt. 15C 1 oz. 45C lb. 1.00 1 lb. 2.50 postpaid.

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Large full pods enormously productive. 2 feet high. qt. 30c pkt. 85c pkt. 1.50 bus. 5.00

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