Long White Smooth Sugar

Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 75c.

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Gurnsey or Cup

Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 1.00

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Abbott Improved

Smooth and quite large fine sort. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 20c lb. 50c.

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Thorburn Hollow Crown

A market-gardeners strain. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 20c lb. 40c.

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Early Round

The earliest variety Pkt. 05c. oz. 10c. lb. 20c. 1b. 60c.

Suitable for shallow soils fine cropper and good quality. Pkt. 10c oz. 30c lb. 1.00

A small round oval bean color dark orange dwarf growth quite early as its name indicates and a good bearer used mostly in the pods.

A valuable improvement on the ordinary Scarlet Turnip Radish and will be found to be very useful for market garden purposes. The color of the skin is very dark red so much deeper than the common scarlet as to attract attention. The flesh is white crispy and it has a very small top. Last season in New York market it brought a third more than the Scarlet Turnip. It is equally well adapted for growing in frames green-house or open ground.

The Danvers Onion excels in earliness and commands in Boston market a readier sale and higher price than the Red sorts.

True. Large round profitable 1100 bushels have been raised from one acre. Pkt. 5c oz. 20c lb. 50c lb. mail 1.65 lb. exp 1.50

Pkt. 10c oz. 30c lb. 1.00 lb. mail 3.15 lb exp 3.00

The Name is a very good description of it except that no idea of quality is given and it is a good one one of the best in all respects. Per pkt. 10c. oz. 15. lb 45c. lb 1.25 5lb. 4.50.

Considered the best of the Florence type with large round bulbs at the base of the stalk. The flavor is distinct sweet and aromatic. Pkt. 10c oz. 20c lb. 60c lb. 2.00 prepaid.

Small and very tender for frames or open ground. Pkt. 5C oz. 15C lb. 30C lb. 1.00

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Suttons Student

Similar to the Long White except that it tapers more suddenly Pkt. 05c. oz. 10c lb. 20c lb. 60c.

A good English variety. Pkt. 5c oz. 12c lb. 25c lb. mail 75c lb. exp 60c.

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The Student

A fine-flavored variety Per oz. 15c. lb. 40c. lb. 1.00.

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Long White Dutch

Long smooth and sweet a standard sort Per lb. 75c. oz. 15c. pkt. 5c.

Roots very long white smooth tender sugary and most excellently flavored. It keeps through the winter perfectly well where grown without protection.

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Long Smooth

The old standard sort and entirely the best with the exception of the new Guernsey. Pkt 5c oz 10c lb 70c.

Free from coarse roots general favorite. Pkt. 5c oz. 20c lb. 60c.lb. 2.50

Roots long penetrating the soil deeply but seldom growing more than two inches in diameter. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 40c lb. 1.25

Best for general use Per oz. 10c. lb. 25c. lb. 75c.

Excellent for winter use smooth skinned flesh dark red. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 20c lb. mail 75c lb. exp 60c.

A great cropper long white roots tender sugary considered best for general cultivation. Ready to use in 120 days. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 25c lb. 80C prepaid.

A good late variety for winter. Pkt. 5c Oz. 10c lb. 20c lb. 60c

An excellent late variety a great improvement on the common Long Blood Per oz. 10c. lb. 30c. lb. 1.00.

One of the best field Turnips. Produced much above ground. Skin smooth below ground white and above green. Flesh white tender and sugary. Keeps well Pkt. 05c. oz. 10c. 14lb. 15c. lb. 50c.

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Abbotts Improved Hollow Crowned

The best form of Hollow Crowned considered superior in quality to the other varieties. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 25c lb. mail 75c lb. exp 60c.

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