Georgia Collards

Valuable greens for table use and for stock feeding. They grow 2 or 3 feet tall and form looseopen cabbage-like heads. They withstand our winters and can be used all winter long. Pkt. 10c oz. 20c lb. 45c lb. 1.50

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Dwarf German

Finely curled low growing. Pkt. 10c oz. 20c lb. 45c lb. 1.35.

Dwarf growing. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 25c lb. 75c.

Black. Pods yellow. A superior variety Pkt. 10c. qt. 40c. pk. 2.00 bu. 7.50.

Similar to Dwarf Curled Scotch but the leaves are deep green.

Compact heads very productive highly recommended. Pkt. 10c oz. 30c lb. 85c. lb. 3.00.

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Tall Green Scotch Curled

Tall and finely curled leaves. Pkt. 10c oz. 20c lb. 45c lb. 1.35 postpaid.

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