Emerald Isle

A new and quite distinct variety of Green Curled Winter Kale. It grows to a medium height with large leaves very closely curled in a most attractive manner. The color is the richest possible emerald green making it the handsomest Kale that we have ever seen. A splendid plant for exhibition purposes as well as for practical use. Pkt. 10c. oz. 40c. lb. 1.25.

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Dwarf Blue Scotch

This Kale is of a dark bluish-green color which retains without yellowing even after several days of transportation thus commanding a higher price when put upon the market. It obtains a large size and produces a great mass of foliage. In addition it is very hardy and passes the severest Winter without being harmed.

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A very vigorous growing variety of spreading habit its green foliage having a distinctive bluish tinge or bloom. The leaves are very large comparatively plain in the center but are cut and frilled at the edges. The variety is very hardy a favorite for greens and in some sections is extensively grown for forage. This sort is sometimes called Sprouts.

Extremely hardy large broad leaves. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 25c lb. 75c

Sow in fall for use in spring. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 40c lb. mail 1.15 lb. exp 1.00

Also called Sprouts. Very hardy of dwarf spreading growth. The leaves are of bluish-green color tender and of fine flavor. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 25c lb. 80c prepaid.

The Earliest and Hardiest Cucumber. A heavy yielder and two weeks earlier than any other sort the Cucumbers are six inches long by 2 & inches through somewhat russeted when ripe. Of good quality this sort is fine for small pickles and dills as well as for slicing. Pkt. 10c oz. 35c.

Uniformly dwarf green curled hardy. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 20c lb. 50c.

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Dwarf German Green

Similar to Dwarf Curled Scotch but the leaves are deep green.

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Dwarf Curled Scotch

A finely curled spreading low growing variety very hardy and much used for greens. This sort sometimes called Norfolk is grown extensively in the south for shipment and is planted largely for the home garden. The leaves are long and attractive bright green. This sort is often used for garnishing.

Dwarf growing. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 25c lb. 75c.

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Field Kale

For cattle. Can be cut several times during the season. Pkt. 10c oz. 30c.

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Dwarf Green Curled

Very hardy a standard market sort. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 40c lb. mail 1.15 lb. exp 1.00

Dwarf and compact with large deep green leaves curled and crumpled. 55 days. Pkt 5c oz 15c.

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Carters Garnishing

Ornamental and useful. The seed produces many varieties of high colored plants. Pkt. 15c.

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Green Curled Tall Scotch

New. One of the best varieties. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 40c lb. mail 1.15 lb. exp 1.00

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Frisbys Crested

New. Pkt. 15c.

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