Baby Fordhook

Magruder Strain. Developed by the Ohio Experiment Station from Fordhook and Hendersons Bush Lima. Plant small but branchy and vigorous foliage of Hendersons Bush type. Pods resemble Henersons but smaller and thicker. Seeds small plump deep green changing to light cream at maturity.

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McCrens Bush Lima Beans

Introduced by McCrea Seed Co. in 1934. Plant medium stocky erect prolific and of medium season. Small pod like Baby Lima but seed large thick potato type. Will stand extreme heat in Summer much better than other large seeded Limas. Green seeded dry seed small and shriveled requiring less seed for planting. Excellent for home garden and Canners use. Pods thick flat slightly curved contain from 3 to 5 seeds. 72 days from planting to picking time.

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Woods Prolific Bush Lima

A distinct and valuable improvement over the original Hendersons. Produces a larger bean thicker and more prolific than the Hendersons Bush Lima.

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Burpees Bush Lima

A bush form of the true large Lima. Plants uniformly dwarf but enormously productive. Pods as large as those of the Large Lima and contain from three to five very large flat beans of the best quality. While not quite as early as Hendersons Bush Lima this is considered by many to be of better quality fully equaling in this respect the large White Lima. Seed of medium size flat white.

This is the original Large Lima Bush Bean which blazed the way for the immense popularity of Bush Limas. When first introduced in 1890 it created a great sensation and it was impossible to supply the demand for seed even at the previously unheard of price four beans for seventy-five cents and not more than two packets (8 beans for 1.50) sold to any one purchaser. Little did we think then that nature would create two more wonderful novelties in bush limas. Pkt. 10c pt. 30c postpaid. qt. 40c 4 qts. 1.40 peck 2.50

This comes absolutely true from seed and only the new Burpee-Improved is a better variety of similar type. The bushes grow eighteen to twenty inches high of stout growth and always erect yet branching so vigorously that each plant develops into a magnificent circular bush from two to three feet in diameter. It is an immense yielder. This is the original Dwarf Large Lima as first introduced exclusively by us in 1890. the pods and beans however are not so large nor are the bushes so prolific as the new and distinct Burpee-Improved. Pkt. 10c pt. 20c pt. 30c by mail postpaid. qt. 40c 4 qts. 1.40 peck 2.50

A bush form of the large white Lima which grows about 20 inches high. The beans are very large and of excellent quality fully equal to the pole Lima both in quality and size. Price -( Pkt. 10c) ( lb 25c) (lb. 45c) ( 5 lbs 2.00) postpaid. Not prepaid (10 lbs and up 30c per lb). (Wholesale price (27.00 per 100 lb)

The bushes grow 18 to 20 inches high of stout growth and always erect yet branching so vigorously that each plant develops into a magnificent bush from 2 to 3 ft. in diameter. Enormously productive single plants under favorable circumstances yielding from 200 to 350 pods. Handsome large pods being well filled with very large beans identical in size and luscious flavor with the well known Pole Limas. Pkt. 10C lb. 28C lb. 50c.

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Hendersons Bush Lima

The original Bush Lima Bean. Of the true bush shape the bush growing 18 to 20 inches high. Early to mature productive and a sure cropper. Beans rather smaller in size than Woods Prolific and of same tender buttery flavor as the old pole Butter or Sieva Bean of the South.

This is the small-podded very early Sieva or Butter Bean of the South growing in compact bush form. The pods and beans ( of good flavor ) being so small involve more labor in shelling. Pkt. 10c pt. 20c pt. 3 0c by mail postpaid. qt. 35c 4 qts. 1.10 peck 2.00

This excellent variety will produce an abundant crop under a wider range of weather or soil conditions than any other Lima and I urge its planting in every garden. In the home garden a small space will produce finest flavored Lima Beans for sue as soon as they are large enough to shell and later for dry shell beans. They yield a heavy crop are a true bush sort 18 to 20 inches high require no support and are early coming in weeks ahead of other Lima and bearing continually until frost. The beans have the true Lima flavor buttery rich and tender. Price -( Pkt. 10c) ( lb 25c) (lb. 45c) ( 5 lbs 2.00) postpaid. Not prepaid (10 lbs and up 30c per lb). (Wholesale price (27.00 per 100 lb).Ask for car lot prices.

Valuable variety on account of its earliness and wonderful productiveness continuing to grow and set pods until stopped by frosts. Its popularity increases every year. Rich buttery limas- the true flavor- even better. Vines are without runners small bright green and lima-like flowers small yellowish-white borne in clusters and often above the foliage. Pods short flat and contain from 3 to 5 beans which are of delicious quality. Pkt. 10C lb. 25C lb. 45c.

Sometimes called Baby Lima is the most prolific of all the Bush Limas. It is not one of the large-seeded varieties but has a small white flat seed. It is earlier than the regular Limas and bears all Summer. It is the bush form of the Extra Early Pole Lima. Per pkt. 5c. lb. 15c. 1lb 45c. 5lb. 1.75 10lb. 3.25 25lb. 6.00 50lb. 11.50 100lb. 22.00.

The heaviest yielding bean. This variety is especially valuable because it suits all latitudes North or South. It is known in the South as the Dwarf Butter Bean. The green beans of this sort are plump very tender and of the true buttery Lima flavor. From July until frost green beans can be had in abundance by planting this sort. Is grown extensively for canning. Pkt. 5c lb. 30c 3 lbs. 75c prepaid. Not prepaid 10 lbs. 1.75 25 lbs. 3.75.

A new Lima growing in a bush form and claimed to be very fine and valuable. Per Pkt 15c Pint 40c quart 75c.

Productive. Pt. 20c Qt. 35c pkt. 1.25 Pkt. 2.00 Bus. 7.00.

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Illinois Large Podded

Developed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Plants pods and seeds resemble Hendersons Bush Lima but are distinctly larger.

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Michigan White Navy

This sort is a sure cropper and not only more prolific than the common white bean but is also of better quality. The plants are large and spreading with small thin leaves and occasional runners ripening their crop comparatively early. The pods are light green straight short about 3 inches but usually containing 6 beans. The beans are small oval white handsome and of superior quality for use as dry beans.

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Great Northern or Montana White

This variety is more prolific than any other variety and the plants are large spreading with short runners. The pods are from five to six inches in length medium green. Seed rather large oval shape clear white and excellent for cooking.

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Broad Windsor Long Pod

Also know as Fava Bean and as Horse Bean not a kidney bean. Late. Valuable for green shell use. Plant very large and erect strictly bush. Pods glossy green 5 inches long. 1 inches broad stout 3 seeded smooth. Green shell beans large broad flat light green. Dry seeds very large circular flat pale reddish-brown with black eye.

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Dixie White

56 to 60 days. Length of pod 4 to 5 inches. Plant 18 to 20 inches tall with short runners. Pods medium green oval creaseback meaty stringless when young. Pods grow in clusters of two. Pods grow close to bottom of vine. No pods on runners. Seed small oval white and of excellent quality for use as dry beans.

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