Giant Sludstrup

A long reddish-yellow egg-shaped root growing more than half above ground easily harvested and by actual test far excels any other variety in weight and feeding value.

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Vilmorins Improved

The highest in nutritive value and percentage of sugar. A large smooth tapering white root.

An improved variety from France said to afford the largest percentage of sugar of any known variety which opinion has been confirmed by tests of six varieties on the grounds of the Maine Agricultural College as this variety produced the highest percentage of sugar of them all.

The variety cultivated by the French for the manufacture of sugar. Pkt. 5c oz. 12c lb. 30c lb. mail 1.00 lb. exp 80c..

Contains a large percentage of sugar and is a good yielder. For sugar making and for feeding to stock and poultry. Of greater feeding value than the Mangels but not as heavy yielders. Oz. 10c lb. 25c lb. 75c prepaid. Not prepaid 5 lbs. 2.75.

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Giant Half-Sugar Rose

Very large smooth and clean of oval shape. The skin is rose-white with a deeper rose-colored top. The flesh is white and of high nutritive value.

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