Champion Yellow Globe

The flesh is white firm and sweet. Always makes magnificent roots and easily harvested. Oz. 10C 2 oz. 18C lb. 30C lb. 55C lb. 1.00

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Giant Long Red

Always makes a uniform crop of large red finely shaped roots. Oz. 10C 2 oz. 18C lb. 30C lb. 55C lb. 1.00

The pile of Mangel-Wurzel shown above grew on one square rod of ground. They were dug before the crop was matured. They averaged over 83 tons per acre. Later another square rod from the same field was harvested and weighed in the presence of two members of the Rotary Club of Nampa Idaho and the wonderful average yield of 96 tons 550 pounds per acre was made. These were grown from my seed by J.S. Hulbert of Nampa Idaho. At the present price of corn and hay this crop produced actual feed value worth more than 500.00 per acre. They contain 5 to 7 percent sugar and have high feeding value for dairy cows. fattening cattle hogs sheep and poultry. On good soil you should grow 25 to 30 tons per acre. Price (5c per oz.) (15c per lb.) (50c per lb.) prepaid. By freight or express (10 lb lots 40c per lb.) Wholesale price (30.00 per 100 lbs).

An English variety of very large size growing well out of ground. The top is very small for its size and the roots well formed straight smooth and of a fine scarlet color.

The best of the red varieties. Enormously productive. Largely grown by stock breeders Pkt. 05c. oz. 10c. lb. 15c. lb. 50c.

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Giant Eckendorf Yellow

Same as Red Eckendorf with yellow skin. Oz. 10C 2 oz. 18C lb. 35C lb. 60C lb. 1.10

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Giant Eckendorf Red

Half long heavy cropper. Easily harvested growing half above ground. Skin red. The flesh is white firm and sweet greatly relished by stock. Oz. 10C 2 oz. 18C lb. 35C lb. 60C lb. 1.10.

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New Goliath

The heaviest cropper. This Mangel is enormously wonderfully productive. The flesh is red of very fine texture and quality containing less water and more sugar than any other Mangel except it be the Half Long Sugar making it the most nutritious and milk producing. Sheep and other stock thrive better when fed on it picking out pieces of it in preference to other kinds. Oz. 10C 2 oz. 18C lb. 35C lb. 65C lb. 1.25.

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