A bush form of Dreers Lima Pole possessing all the good qualities of that sort. lb. 50c 2 lb. 90c 8 lb. 3.50.

Round very thick beans productive. Pkt. 20c lb. 45c 2 lb. 85c 8 lb. 3.25.

The result of several years careful cultivation of the Old Lima. The distinctive improvements are its earliness remarkable productiveness delicious flavor and the forming of the beans so closely in the pod.

Rather late but more prolific than Large Lima. Pkt. 10 c oz. 80c lb. 50c.

This variety was introduced to notice in the spring of 1875 is the result of more than thirty years careful selection until it has established its present character early maturity prolificness and superior quality while the shelling becomes an easy matter from the fact of the pods being entirely full forming one against another like peas in a pod.

More Productive than the preceding earlier and of better quality Pkt. 10c. qt. 40c. pk. 2.25 bu. 8.00.

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Burpees Improved

A true bush form of the large Lima. lb. 45c 2 lb. 85c 8 lb. 3.00

This is an improved strain of Early Blood Turnip Beet having smooth round roots of medium size with dark-red flesh fine grain very sweet and retaining its deep coloring when cooked. Tops are small and of uniform growth the leaf stems and veinings being of dark red. It grows quickly and is of superior quality. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 40c lb. 1.25.

The bush growth is very vigorous with heavy foliage reaching 30 inches in height and 24 inches across the top. The pods often found in clusters of five to ten measure about 6 inches in length and well over an inch in width. The beans are very large and well over an inch in width. The beans are very large and thick running four to five to a pod.

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