Improved Hickox

Popular wherever known. One to two weeks earlier than Evergreen. Large attractive ears has a white cob and grain and remains in condition to use a long time. Best sort for drying and canning. Pkt. 10C lb. 25C lb. 45c.

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Moores Early Concord

Produces its large handsome 14 to 16 rowed ears very low on the stalk. An excellent sort either for canning factory or the garden. Pkt. 8C lb. 25C lb. 40c.

Large full ears coming into use after Russells Prolific. The quality is unexceptionable and it is valuable as an intermediate variety.

12 to 16 rows medium early ears large a good variety to follow Crosbys Early. Pkt. 10c oz. 45c lb. 25c lb. mail 4.00 lb. exp 1.25.

Comparatively new quite early long keeper ears well filled an excellent variety a favorite with market gardeners Per Qt. 55c. pt. 30c. pt. 20c. pkt. 10c.

Ears large and well filled early and unsurpassed for richness and delicacy of flavor Per qt. 40c. pk. 2.00 bu. 6.00.

Very sweet and delicious. Ears large twelve-rowed and well filled. The earliest kind of its size Per qt. 20c. per peck 1.25.

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Extra Early Cory

The largest of the extra early sorts so early that two crops can readily be sown on the same ground in a single season. Ears eight-rowed with red cob and very light pink grains which are broad and sweet. Pkt. 8C lb. 22C lb. 40c.

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Extra Early Malakoff

One of the earliest real sweet corns a week earlier than Mammoth White Cory. Introduced into this country from Russia by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Highly recommended for family use and local markets. The stalks are about 4 feet high the ears about 5 inches long 10 to 12 rowed with small cob which is well filled with small very white sweet and tender grains. Pkt. 8C lb. 25C lb. 45c.

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New Early Illinois

Extra early prolific sweet tender good size. None earlier. Our own introduction and thousands of our customers in all parts of this country have written telling us how well pleased they were with this fine new sort. The ears are of medium size well filled with broad long grains to the very top. Many of the ears contain 10 to 12 rows. Remains a long time in condition to use. Pkt. 10C lb. 25C lb. 45c.

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Sugar Corn

95 days. Multi-eared up to 8 ears per stalk. Medium size ears white very sweet and tasty. Pkt. 50c lb. 90c.

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Boston White for Parching

Also used only for parching ears longer than the preceding nearly the same size kernels round and white a good bearer and thought by some to be the best in use.

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Rice for Parching

A very handsome variety ears short kernels long pointed and resemble rice color white very prolific used entirely for parching for which purpose it has no superior.

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Large Red-Blazed Eight-Rowed

An excellent variety for field culture and thought by some to be earlier than the preceding. Ears large well filled out at top and end color yellow striped with red. A very desirable variety.

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Large Yellow Eight-Rowed

A good kind for general cultivation. Ears large bright yellow and well filled out quite early and very productive.

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