Turtle Soup

The young pods are tender and of superior quality it derives its name from some fancied resemblance that soup made from the ripe beans has to that made from the green turtle Per qt. 30c pk. 1.75 bu. 6.00.

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Large White Kidney

Excellent as a shell bean green or ripe seeds of large size pure white tender and delicate Per qt. 25c. pk. 1.50 bu. 5.00.

qt. 20c bus. 5.00

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Newington Wonder

A wonderfully productive sort pods very crisp and tender a valuable variety for forcing Per qt. 30c. pk. 1.75 bu. 6.00.

This is one of the earliest varieties the pods are small and round and are produced in bunches.

Very productive with pods crisp and tender. Good for forcing Pkt. 10c. qt. 25c. pk. 1.50 bu. 5.00.

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Refugee or Thousand to One

Very productive though not early young pods extremely tender and of fine flavor extensively grown for pickling Per qt. 40c. pk. 2.00 bu. 7.00.

A very productive string bean as its name indicates. It is hardy and like the Mohawk will endure a light frost. Excellent for pickling in the pod. The seeds are drab-colored with numerous spots and blotches of purple.

A very prolific bush sort. Pkt. 10c oz. 55c lb. 25c lb. Mail 5.00 lb. Exp 1.50

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Early Feejee

A new variety from the Feejee Islands said to be the earliest of all beans and very prolific Per Qt. 40c. Pk. 2.00 Bu. 7.00.

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