Gypsy or Rattlesnake

A fine variety recently introduced. Large oblong striped and mottled. Flesh dark red and very sweet Pkt. 05c. oz. 15c. lb. 30c. lb. 1.00.

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Phinneys Early White

Very early oblong light green sweet and solid Pkt. 05c. oz. 15c. lb. 30c. lb. 1.00.

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Kolbs Gem

This is a hybrid of the Scaly Bark and Rattlesnake. It has a very tough rind with narrow stripes of light green and of a dull color. Flesh of a bright red and of good flavor. Grows uniformly round Pkt. 05c. oz. 10c. lb. 30c. lb. 1.00.

The melons are large of a thick oval blocky form skin in dark and light-green stripes. Flesh bright red but coarse and of poor quality. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 25c lb. 75c postpaid.

Fruit of the largest size round or slightly oval marked with irregular mottled stripes of dark and light green. Outer rind or shell exceedingly hard and firm making it a good sort for shipping long distance. Flesh bright red solid sweet tender and melting. Pkt. 4C oz. 10C 2 oz. 15C lb. 25C lb. 40C lb. 75c.

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The Boss

This melon combines all the food qualities essential to perfection. Oblong in shape and nearly of the same diameter throughout its length color very dark green flesh a deeper scarlet than any other kind and always crystalline and melting. Very thin rind medium early and an excellent shipping variety Pkt. 05c. oz 15c. lb. 30c. lb. 1.00.

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