Winter Pineapple

An extraordinary melon which can be kept in splendid condition for months after being pulled. Suitable for the South only. Pkt. 5c oz. 20c lb. 50c lb. 1.50.

The only melon that can be kept until Christmas. The color of the flesh is a deep lemon yellow and the outer skin is a dark green marked with yellow. The quality is delicious having a rich spicy flavor similar to Pineapple that is not possessed by any other melon. In the North these melons rarely ripen on the vines so they must be picked off in the Fall before frost and stored in some cool dry and dark place where even half grown ones will ripen gradually. In storing the melons take care that the fruits do not touch each other. When the rind become slightly softened and moist they are ready to eat. Plant and cultivate like other muskmelons pick the fruits when the light streaks have become quite yellow. Pkt. 5C oz. 15C 2 oz. 25C lb. 45c.

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Texas Cannon Ball

Round handsomely netted green flesh prolific. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 35c lb. 1.25.

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New Giant

Round light green flesh deep salmon very late. Pkt. 5c oz. 20c lb. 50c lb. 1.50.

A very large globe shaped variety very mild and fine grained Pkt. 10c. oz. 25c. lb. 75c. lb. 2.50.

The best early squash. A great favorite. Twice as large as ordinary crookneck is more warty and earlier. Of dwarf bushy habit and extremely productive. Flesh creamy yellow dry of most agreeable flavor one of the most esteemed of the early varieties. Pkt. 5C oz. 15C 2 oz. 25C lb. 40C lb. 75C lb. 1.40

Introduced in 1884 this new variety has given great satisfaction everywhere. It is very hardy easily grown and of monstrous size it is of very mild and agreeable flavor. The Leek is considered more delicate than the Onions for flavoring soups stews salads etc. Pkt 5c oz 25c.

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Red-fleshed Lyons

Orange flesh of the finest quality. Pkt. 5c oz. 20c lb. 50c lb. 1.50.

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Paul Rose

Handsome oval new variety rich orange flesh very sweet. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 30c lb. 1.00.

The fruits are nearly round or slightly oval rather larger than Netted Gem ribbed and heavily netted of a light-green or faint golden hue when fully ripe. The flesh is thick of rich deep orange color and ripens close down to the rind with small seed cavity. The bright salmon flesh is much firmer than that of our Emerald Gem. It is an excellent shipping variety of handsome appearance and good quality. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 30c lb. 1.00 by mail postpaid.

A favorite basket melon. Fruit oval about 5 inches in diameter slightly ribbed densely netted in general appearance much like RockyFord but larger. Flesh orange-yellow very thick firmsweet and of delicious flavor. One of the very best sorts for the home garden. An exceptionally pure and fine stock. Pkt. 4C oz. 10C 2 oz. 18C lb. 30C lb. 50C lb. 85c.

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Orange Christina

One of the finest orange sorts round very sweet and very early. Pkt. 5c oz. 25c lb. 75c lb 2.50.

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Extra-early small round green flesh of fine flavor. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 30c lb. 1.00.

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Netted Gem Oblong

Same as above save in shape. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 30c lb. 1.00

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Netted Gem Round

Very early small and of fine flavor green flesh. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 30c lb. 1.00

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Montreal Green

Large round netted flesh thick and light green late. Pkt. 5c oz. 25c lb. 75c lb. 2.50.

Early large size excellent quality. Pkt. 10c oz. 30c lb. 85c lb. 1.75.

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