Allens Superb

A variety of the Nutmeg flesh green and very sweet Per oz. 20c. lb. 50c. lb. 1.50.

Fruit oval-round large size thickly netted flesh green quite thick and of the richest and most sugary flavor comes in early does not rot on the vines and is a long time in season.

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Wards Nectar

A green fleshed variety of fine quality being exceedingly sweet rich and delicious Per oz. 50c. lb. 1.50 lb 5.00.

Early exceedingly prolific sweet rich and delicious green-fleshed. Pkt. 5c oz. 15c lb. 35c lb. mail 1.15 lb. exp 1.0

Very sweet and delicious. A green and delicious variety Pkt. 05c. oz. 15c. lb. 30c. lb. 1.00.

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Skillmans Netted

Form is roundish oval flesh deep green sweet and richly perfumed and early and delicious variety Per oz. 20c lb. 50c. lb. 1.50.

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