A good late sort. Fine for canning Per qt. 20c. per peck 1.25.

Popular wherever known. One to two weeks earlier than Evergreen. Large attractive ears has a white cob and grain and remains in condition to use a long time. Best sort for drying and canning. Pkt. 10C lb. 25C lb. 45c.

A large-eared variety very white tender and sweet. It grows 8 10 and 12 rowed. A great favorite with those who can corn for market. It ripens about a week earlier than Stowells. The ears are longer and not quite as thick as Stowells. They make a fine appearance. Pkt. 10c.

Handsome ears very white and or rich flavor. Ear 10c qt. 35c pkt. 1.25 pkt. 1.75 bus. 6.50

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