Burrells Improved Watters Solid Net Rocky Ford Cantaloupe

Do Not Plant This Variety If Vines Rust In Your District. This Solid Net Cantaloupe is the earliest strain of Rocky Ford Cantaloupe. It sets a very heavy first crop so that in a few days after the first crop begins to ripen large pickings are getting ripe. The netting is well developed gray and closely laced. The flesh is light green and of excellent quality. The seed cavity is some larger than any of the previous strains listed. I have sold large quantities of this seed to market growers with uniformly good results. My fields of this were very fine and produced a large crop of the finest melons. Stock Seed. Finest possible selection from ideal specimens. (5c per pkt.) (15c per oz.) (45c per lb.) (1.55 per lb.) (10 lbs. And up 1.50 per lb.). Delivered by express. No. 1 Seed. Grown from the finest selection of stock seeds and cut from none but standard well-netted and fully developed melons from my own fields grown exclusively for seed. (5c per pkt.) (10c per oz.) (30c per lb.) (1.00 per lb.) (10 lbs. And up 85c per lb.). Delivered by express.

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