Seed is sown early in the South and lifted to produce Onions of Bermuda quality in northern gardens. We include cultural directions with each purchase. We can furnish Sweet Spanish Yellow Bermuda and White Bermuda (Crystal Wax) plants. Sweet Spanish does best here and we shall ship that variety unless otherwise instructed. Package of 85 to 125 plants 25c 500 plants 80c 1000 plants 1.40 postpaid. Crate of 6000 plants not prepaid 5.00.

This is decidedly the earliest of all onions. It can be raised to eating size from seed though it grows larger from sets. Seed and sets are especially adapted for autumn sowing in the South while heavy manuring would be likely to give it good market size and make it the early onion in the North. Pkt. 10c

Bermuda onions are noted as the mildest and sweetest of all onions. They are flat in shape and make fine large bulbs on good soil. The Yellow Bermuda is of a clear light straw color. Early enough to mature from seed where other onions can be grown successfully. Pkt. 10c oz. 25c lb. 2.25 prepaid.

Abundant producer in color dark red mild flavored moderately fine grained will grow fifteen inches in circumference if well cultivated the best keeper Per lb. 2.00 lb. 75c. oz. 30c. pkt. 15c.

A medium sized Onion flat very early and in no sense a keeper. The skin is a very light straw color and the white crisp flesh is very mild and sweet. Pkt. 10c oz 30c lb. 75c lb. 1.35 1 lb. 2.50 postpaid. Not prepaid 5 lbs. 11.25.

The bulbs are quite broad and flat in form. The color is not a clear white as in our American varieties but rather a pale straw flesh crisp solid and mild in flavor.

This is the most popular variety for home use and market color a pale waxy red flesh white suffused with pink quite early and very solid.

This new variety is a large pure-white flat onion. During the last few years it has become very popular with large growers of onions in the South especially in southwest Texas. It does very well under Northern conditions and produces one of the mildest and sweetest of them all. It is very fine for slicing the color being so clear and pure. The best seed is produced in Teneriffe Canary Islands. Our stock is genuine.

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