Benders Surprise

This melon very much resembles my stock of Tip-Top. The netting is a little heavier. Flesh the same rich salmon color fine grained spicy and sweet. Benders surprise is a favorite in many sections. The demand for seed of this melon from my customers grew large and I have secured the finest possible stocks from which I grew a good crop this year. Price-(10c per pkt.) (15c per oz.) (45c per lb.) (1.55 per lb.) (1.45 per lb. In 10-lb. Lots) (1.35 per lb. In 100-lb. Lots) prepaid.

A very popular variety in the East particularly in New York State and similar to Livingstons Tip-Top. It is oblong full and rounded at the ends skin light greenish when ripe only slightly netted. A very delicious large salmon-fleshed melon with fair shipping and keeping qualities. Good main-crop variety.

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