Amber Globe

A good cropper and keeps in perfect condition until Spring. The turnips are globe-shaped of good size and run very uniform skin light yellow flesh yellow firm and sweet. Highly esteemed for table use. Matures in 70 days. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 25c lb. 75c prepaid. Not prepaid 5 lbs. 3.00.

Fine for table and feeding. Pkt. 5c oz. 10c lb. 25c lb. 75c

One of the best varieties either for table use or for a field crop for stock. Flesh yellow fine-grained and sweet color of skin yellow with green top. Hardy keeps well a good cropper and grows to a very large size. Very popular in the Southern States.

The best for spring sowing. Stands a long time before shooting to seed. Large thick leaves. Excellent for greens.

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